Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Season 4 Episode 2

What is the best episode of Sherlock? This one. By far, the best EVER! And yes this article contains spoilers from this episode so if you haven’t watched it then do not read anymore because trust me when I say you do not want this episode spoilt for you.

The episode was absolutely fantastic. It was so trippy, so busy, so much was going on. Sherlock is back on the drugs and you’re sat there thinking not again but it was all for another, deeper meaning. He was doing it on purpose. At the end of the episode the tape that Mary left after she died is played again, only, this time there is more to it. She tells Sherlock that he needs to put himself in danger in order to save John so that’s what he did and it worked. Sherlock almost died but John was there to save him.


We’re introduced to our new villain Culverton Smith who is the cause of Sherlock almost dying. We definitely haven’t seen the last of him yet, we haven’t seen how dangerous he can be yet.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 15.30.04.png

Mrs Hudson was badass in this episode. Speeding about in her fancy car. She is one amazing little old woman and she seems to know Sherlock a lot more than John and Mycroft know him. Which is kind of understandable, they more or less live together.

Now let’s talk about the amazing part which takes place right at the end of the episode. I said in my blog on the first episode of season 4 that we’ll probably see more of the woman on the bus who started texting John and I was right. She returns in spectacular fashion and can I just say the make-up department did an exceptional job in making her look completely different in all the roles she played. I had no idea. The end of the episode¬†revealed that she is the secret sibling. It’s not a brother it’s a sister and she’s called Euros. To me, it sounds like she’s in cahoots with Smith so I do not trust her and then there’s the cliffhanger.

“Oh, he’s making a funny face, I think I’ll put a whole in it.” – Euros


She’s a very good actress and I don’t mean literally. The character is a very good actress. The episode ended with her pulling the trigger which was aimed directly at John. I’m not worried, they’re not going to kill him.

I’m really excited for the next episode because I really want to see Sherlock come face to face with his sister and learn more about her. It’ll be interesting to see Mycroft’s reaction too. Oh, and on another note, The Woman AKA Irene Adler is still sexting sherlock. Nobody knew she was alive apart from Sherlock who saved her but now John knows after hearing the text tone. I really hope we get to see her again soon.


The trailer for the finale episode looks explosive so be prepared!


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