The Box

Plot: Norma and Arthur find a package on their doorstep, it is a box with a large red button on it. They can either press the button and receive $1 million at the cost of someone’s life. Someone they don’t know will die. If they don’t press the button, they go back to their normal lives. What would you do in this situation, if you really needed that money?

Year: 2009

Director: Richard Kelly

Starring: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella and Gillian Jacobs.

This film was incredibly slow to start with. It’s almost 2 hours long but it didn’t need to be that long, they didn’t need all the stuff at the start. It dragged and I was debating whether to turn it off. It got better after about 45 minutes. It’s starts getting really into the story. It is an interesting story and you can’t help but put yourselves in their shoes. If I was them, however, I would not have pressed the button because you’d be the reason that somebody died. How could you live with yourself knowing that? Anyway, they got their comeuppance at the end of the film. They didn’t seem that desperate for cash either so I don’t really understand why they did it. They did think it was a fake but would you take that risk? It’s a big risk to take.


Other than the slow start, it’s a really good film. The acting is great. I don’t think I’ve really seen Cameron Diaz in a serious role before but I think she did a great job. I do prefer her doing comedy, though. She’s just too funny. A lot of things happen in this film that I can’t even begin to describe because it has a cause and effect motion and it’s a bit complicated. If you watch the film you will completely understand it.



What I loved about this film is the ending. It was courageous. I thought they were going to solve it and the family were going to live happily ever after because that’s what happens in way to many films now. However, that didn’t happen. The mother died and I’m glad they did it that way. The film doesn’t really have an ending that gives you closure because what happened is going to happen again. They didn’t stop it and I’m glad it ended like this. The film is just a story in a certain timeframe.

Rating: 6/10.


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