Be Somebody

Plot: After becoming fed up with the famous lifestyle, a teenage pop star abandons life on the road and meets a stranger. He embarks on a new adventure with his female companion, where he learns about life as a normal teenager.

Year: 2016

Director: Joshua Caldwell

Starring: Matthew Espinosa, Sarah Jeffery, LaMonica Garrett, Caitlin Keats and Allison Paige.

This is a really insightful film because it’s a really simple film that follows the lives of two completely different teenagers living different lives. I thought the dialogue in the film was a bit off. It didn’t flow as well as it could have done. Sometimes there were big gaps in the conversations. Having said that, it was still a really enjoyable film. The story was entertaining and the cinematography was sometimes beautiful, especially at the end of the film. There were some really nice shots of the characters looking down on the city and it was inspiring.


It’s incredibly relating. If you’re a teenager, then this film is definitely for you, you’ll be able to relate to the characters in a lot of ways. I feel like the film is a true representation of life too because these characters are brought together under extremely random circumstances, yet they end up helping each other in ways they would never have imagined. I feel like that’s what happens in real life, people come into your life and have a certain impact and you’re brought together for a reason. The film really makes you think about your own life and put things into perspective.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get deep on you guys haha. It’s a good film, I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to watch a slow film about life.

Rating: 6/10


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