The Accountant

Plot: Christian Wolff works as an accountant for criminal organisations. His latest job see’s him take on a robotics company where one of the staff uncovers a discrepancy. Things get extremely dangerous when lives are put at risk.

Year: 2016

Director: Gavin O’Connor

Starring: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.k. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Cynthia Addai-Robinson and John Lithgow.



Ben Affleck is convincing as the lead role in this crime/drama. As is the rest of the cast. I adore J.K. Simmons but his character didn’t add up. I don’t understand why his character opened up the investigation into “The Accountant” when he didn’t follow through with it. I found his character and the female officer he was working with unnecessary because they didn’t have an end point in this story. The main character didn’t even cross paths with them in the present timeline.

As for Jon Bernthal, I really don’t like him and this film hasn’t changed that. The character was annoying throughout but got a bit more likeable at the end. I thought it was a good twist when it turned out that he was, in fact, Christian Wolff’s brother. I did guess it but it’s kind of obvious as the film progresses.

Anna Kendrick is an unusual choice for the leading lady but it worked. She was the fragile damsel in distress who could actually fight back. To say she’s only tiny, she did a good job in holding off the bad guys until our hero comes and saves the day.


I’ve made it no secret of my dislike towards Ben Affleck. The only films I’ve seen with him in are Pearl Harbour and Gone Girl. I hated him in Pearl Harbour but was able to enjoy his presence in the latter. I was wary about this film because of him but the trailer looked really good and I liked some of the other cast members. I took a risk and decided to go see it and I’m glad I did. I think it’s one of his best performances to date. He was not only convincing but he also made a character that was intimidating seem vulnerable.


As for the story, it was quite confusing and I got a little lost in places but that’s because I didn’t understand some of the contexts. If you understand what these characters are talking about then you’ll be able to stay with them on this journey without feeling confused. I thought it was very intriguing, I wanted to know more about this character as soon as I saw him because he was different. It’s a unique story. The main character is put on the Autism spectrum and this makes him special because he’s intelligent and can do things other people wouldn’t be able to

The main character is put on the Autism spectrum and this makes him special because he’s intelligent and can do things other people wouldn’t be able to accomplish. This makes him a threat because people don’t like other people who are different and this is why his life is put in danger.

I also liked the fact they used flashbacks to show the past of this character. It aids the story in showing us where he’s come from and how he’s come to be who he is today. This was necessary because the character isn’t very vocal and does not discuss his past. The backstory was necessary because, without it, we wouldn’t have known anything about this character.


It’s a film I’d like to see again. I think it’s one of those that you will understand a lot better after a second viewing. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes crime/drama films or any action films as it’s entertaining and a film that I enjoyed way more than I thought I would.

Rating: 6.5

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