The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 1


Brutal and sad is a bit of an understatement. I’m not sure how I feel. When Negan killed Abraham, I said to myself “well this is rubbish” because of no offence but he’s not exactly a major character and I don’t care that much for him. He has been in it a while and I did like him but I’m not affected by his death. As for Glenn, that wasn’t that much of a shock either because we know he dies. It was very sad, though. The fact that Negan hit him once and his eye popped out. He was still alive for ages after that first hit, he was in so much pain. I didn’t like that. I just wanted Negan to hit him again so that it was over with and he wasn’t suffering. I feel for Maggie, I really do.


At the beginning of the episode Negan takes Rick away and then it’s revealed later on who’s dead. They make it look like everyone died and in that moment, I was so excited. I kind of knew that all of them couldn’t be dead but I kind of hoped it would be true. As much as I love Daryl and Michonne, if the show killed off all of them apart from Rick and the others left at Alexandria, it would have gone down in history. However, this wasn’t the case, only two people died. I really wanted this death to be shocking but it wasn’t. It was kind of expected. This episode was extremely sad, though. It was even sad when Negan was killing Abraham.

I was surprised when it looked like Carl was going to lose his hand as we know it’s Rick who has no hand in the comics but I thought they were just going to change it a little. However, Negan didn’t go through with it. I think this will be the season that Rick loses his hand if they go in that direction.


Daryl is taken hostage by Negan because he’s too dangerous. I hope this doesn’t mean he gets less air time because he’s my favourite character and I want to see him. Maggie wants revenge. I can’t wait to see how they all get back at Neegan, it’s going to be bloody that’s for sure. It’s kind of sad knowing they’re on their way back to Alexandria with two members down, well three including Daryl. Carol and Morgan are going to get a shock and I think it will hit Carol hard. She’s been on this journey with Glenn from the start like Rick.

Negan is definitely, by far my favourite villain on this show. He’s just so ruthless and has actually caused some real upset and drama for the group, which means there’s going to be so much more drama to come. He’s really shaken Rick and it takes a lot to do that. It was strange seeing Rick actually petrified. He’s usually always got it together. The rest of the season is going to be hella interesting.


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