Fear The Walking Dead: Season 2 Finale!


The last two episodes were played back to back and they were so intense. The scene in which Travis beats up the two men that he left Chris with, I was on the edge of my seat. I really don’t know what has happened to this group, they have all turned into murderers. Even Alicia killed someone. I can’t believe Chris is dead, that was quite a surprise but I am glad they did it. He wasn’t the most interesting character. I feel bad as well because I also wanted Travis to die. I really can’t stand him and after watching him kill those two people because they killed his son, I don’t like him even more. Chris was extremely hurt in the crash and if they hadn’t have killed him then he would have slowed them down so I get why they did it. I also understand why Travis killed them but it still annoyed me.

I was so hoping for a reunion at the end of the finale between Madison and Nick but it didn’t come. Instead, we’re left with a cliffhanger. Madison knows where Nick is heading but Nick and Lucy have run into trouble and it doesn’t look good for them. I’m not worried because I highly doubt that they’re going to kill Nick as he’s one of the main characters.


Overall I really enjoyed this season. There were a couple of episodes that were a little boring and lacked action but then there were some that were incredible. Especially the last two. One scene that made me feel sick and I think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever watched was the scene where Nick pushed that guy’s eyes right through his brain. It always makes me cringe when people push at eyes in films and this one was horrific to watch, I had to turn away. It honestly made me feel a little queasy.

What I hope for in season three is to see a bit more of Alicia. I feel like she was thrown into the background in this season. I would also like to see a reunion between the Clark’s and for them to stay together. I’m looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead now.


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