Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13 Episode 3


What the actual hell? I was sat here thinking this is a bit of a boring episode and then bam! Someone comes back to life. It may be a miracle that someone comes back from the dead but I find it a bit far-fetched. I love this show but when they do something like this I can’t help but find it silly and really unrealistic. It did make the episode more exciting, though.

Meredith really needs to tell Maggie the truth about her and Riggs. She should have just told her from the start. I loved having Amelia back in this episode, she had a bigger role this week and I’ve missed her. I liked the scenes between her, Meredith and Maggie because it’s been a while since they’ve all been together. I miss the trio, I liked it when they all lived together.

I felt a bit sorry for Jackson this week because April is really bored looking after their baby and he seemed a bit gutted when he found out she was bored. I liked the scenes between April and Alex this week. They bonded because they’re both missing surgery.

I’m so pleased Arizona is back. The actress who plays her never seems to have a really long maternity leave but I’m not complaining because Arizona is one of my favourite characters. I hope she gets a good storyline this season. I’m glad she’s annoyed with Alex and scolded him but I love their friendship so I hope they manage to get passed it.

Next week looks like it’s going to focus on Riggs and Meredith more which I’m not overly keen on. I do really like Riggs and him and Meredith match but I feel like it’s an unnecessary storyline for Meredith. I don’t feel like she should be with anyone yet. I still feel like Derek only died yesterday. I do sometimes miss the old Grey’s Anatomy with all the old cast, I kind of feel like the show is running out of steam now which is a shame because I love it and I don’t want it to end but 13 seasons is a long time.


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