Run Lola Run

Plot: Manni owes some bad guys some money but unfortunately he doesn’t have the cash. This leads him to rob a supermarket. However, he tells his girlfriend, Lola, the plan. Therefore, she sets out on a mission on foot to stop him. She sprints to the bank where her father works to try and get the money from him and then sprints to Manni to try and stop him before he ruins his life. Will she make it in time?

This is a German film.

Year: 1998

Director: Tom Tykwer

Starring: Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup and Nina Petri.


I’m never usually a fan of having to watch films with subtitles but because it’s in German you have to in order to understand it. This is probably the best foreign film I’ve ever seen. I’ve only seen like three foreign films but still, I really enjoyed this one. The pace was so fast and the beat was so energetic. I loved the soundtrack, it was constant throughout the film. There weren’t many scenes where there wasn’t sound in the background. It was beautifully shot as well.


It’s got a short running time which is a shame because it was so entertaining but I think it’s a good thing. If it was any longer it would have been too repetitive and that’s what this film was. It repeated itself because Lola runs on three different journeys. We watch the first journey as she runs to Manni but it ends in disaster because she ends up getting shot and dying. We now go back to the start and she does the journey again but this time, it ends with Manni dying. Finally, we do the journey one last time and it’s a happy ending because this time, they both survive. This is why the film was so energetic and exciting because it never slowed down. The drama was continuous. It was just constant running but it was done so cleverly because it was so entertaining.



This is the first German film I’ve watched and I kind of want to watch some more because I really enjoyed this one. You don’t even need to read the subtitles word for word because the story is so simplistic it’s easy to pick up on it. I feel like a lot of people are put off by films in a different language because they can’t be bothered with the subtitles but this one deserves a chance and I don’t think you’d be let down. It felt exactly like a Hollywood film it was just a different language and that shouldn’t put people off. You’ll have so much fun with this film.

Rating: 8/10.


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