The Shallows

Plot: Nancy Adams, a medical student, travels to a secluded beach in search of solace after the death of her mother. She takes to the waves with her surfboard only to be left frightened and alone when a shark attacks her. She swims to a little rock and is stranded 200 yards from shore with no hope of getting back with the shark circling her. How will she survive?

Year: 2016

Director: Juame Collet-Serra

Starring: Blake Lively, óscar Jaenada and Brett Cullen.

Intense. Shocking. You will be on the edge of your seat. One of the best films of the year. It starts off quite slow and you think it’s going to be boring but it’s far from boring once it gets into the action. I do feel like the starting scenes were just to use up a bit of running time as it’s a short film but you forget the start when it gets into the action.


This is the first Blake Lively film I’ve ever seen and I thought she was brilliant. Considering she was the only star of the film there were no one else in it for longer than a minute she carried it exceptionally well. She’s at her best. I loved the fact that she had a little bird on the rock with her that was also injured and there was a point where she picked it up and I thought she was going to kill it and then eat it but she fixed it instead. That made me really happy, it’s not often you see people saving animals in situations like this. It adds to who the character is because there isn’t a lot of backstory as the film takes place in one location and sticks to the single storyline.

It was beautifully shot as well. I watched in awe as some shots were captured so uniquely. The beach was beautiful and the waves looked so good. The music was completely fitting too. Very setting for the scenes. I actually liked this shark too. It didn’t mess about. It actually went after what it wanted. The pace of the film after the first sighting of the shark was perfect. I never felt bored and I wasn’t distracted. I was glued to the screen until the end from that point.



When the shark first attacks it bites her in the leg, deep. She stitches it up using her earrings which is probably the hardest part to watch. It made me feel a little nauseous. There was so much blood and you can only imagine the pain of it. The bite was extremely deep.

The ending was the best part, the most shocking part. I thought someone was going to save her, I couldn’t see how one single person could kill a shark that big. However, she did. She managed to kill it and it was so cool to watch. I think it’s one of the best shark films out there. Probably since Jaws. Some are so rubbish but this one is just intense for three-quarters of the running time and that intensity never stops. You route for the character so much but you just can’t see a way out for her. Even at the end when she manages to kill it, seconds before it dies you still don’t know how she’s going to get out if it. As soon as it dies you just sit there in complete shock on how she actually managed to pull it off. Honestly, it’s fantastic to watch and I would recommend it to everyone.

Rating: 7.5/10.


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