Plot: When a young woman washes up on the shore of Amity Island, the authorities soon discover that she was killed by a great white shark. They set out to find and kill the shark before it can kill any more tourists.

Year: 1975

Director: Stephen Spielberg

Starring: Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, Peter Benchley and Lorraine Gary.

I’m taking you back in time now. It’s not often I blog about old films but this one is a classic and if you’ve never watched it then frankly you shouldn’t be allowed to watch movies. Everyone has to see this film, it’s great and even though watching it now the shark is plastic and they make much better sharks these days. You watch it because back then it was amazing and realistic. You can’t forget the beauty in that. I watched this film again today but the first time I watched it I was about 6 and I was terrified. It really scared me and I thought if I went near a beach I’d be killed by a shark. Obviously watching it now it’s not scary at all.


The film follows the basic three-act structure. You have the introduction and set up and then some obstacles occur which lead into the middle twist which is when they catch and kill the shark but realise it’s a different shark. There’s still one out there. Then there is the disaster and climax and then the wrap up leading into the ending and closing credits. I think it’s an excellently structured film and that’s the beauty of it. It’s well paced and I can imagine the reactions it got when it was released. It’s a film that will stay with people for generations and it deserves to.

Rating: 9/10


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