How to Get Away with Murder: Season 3 Episode 1


I’m so happy this show is back, it’s one of the best on TV at the minute. I can’t get over how good it is. There’s always something crazy happening. So much stuff happens in just one episode you have to actually watch every second of it to keep up because the timeline jumps around a lot. It’s shot non-linear. The most shocking moment of this season 3 premier is the ending. Someone is dead and it’s someone close to Annalise considering her heartbreaking reaction. The ending showed her house burning down so let’s narrow down who it could be. Everyone in this show works for Annalise which means it could be anyone under that white sheet. I honestly have no suspicions yet.


We get some closure on the cliffhanger of season two and it was Frank who shot Wes’s father. Everyone on the show believes it was him but we never saw him pull the trigger so I’m not certain it was actually him. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t him considering this show’s history, they like to shock us. Frank is now missing having shaved off all his hair and facial hair which actually suits him. I wonder when he’ll return. I’m so excited to see what happens next. The suspense on this show kills me all the time. They really know how to keep you guessing.

There is a new character in this episode. He’s not in it a lot but he is definitely a new character as he has a few interactions with the main characters and he is involved in the case with them. I’m assuming he will have something to do with the main storyline this season otherwise they wouldn’t have introduced him. He seems very strong minded so I’m expecting clashes with him and the other students.


I’m so excited to see what happens next. The suspense on this show kills me all the time. They really know how to keep you guessing. We’re now in season three and I still don’t know how to get away with murder. I don’t even understand how they get away with it sometimes. They’re so careless. It’ll be interesting to find out if the person who is dead at the end of this episode died in the fire or was murdered. Personally, I vote murdered. After all, no one has died on this show that hasn’t been murdered yet. All we know so far after seeing the promo for episode two is that we will find out with each coming episode who is NOT dead. This means it will be a while before we find out who is six feet under. I really like the fact that they’re doing it like this, it’s different and exciting. Also, the promo shows that we will be seeing a lot of Frank in the next episode and he has a beat up face so I’m really excited.


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