Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13 Episode 1


I hated this episode. I mean I loved it because it’s great and well written, just like all the episodes in this show but I hated the storyline because of what it’s going to do to Alex and he’s one of my favourite characters. He beat up DeLuca because he thought he was taking advantage of Jo but it was just a miss understanding so now Alex has been arrested. I love that Meredith went to visit him in jail. I’m still kind of worried that the show is going to put these two characters together which I really don’t want because I think it would feel too weird. Also, Alex really wants a family and obviously Meredith has already got a family and I’d just love to see him settle down with someone and have kids. I really don’t think it’s going to be Jo now which is a shame because when they first started dating I really liked them together. I’m worried for the rest of the season because obviously Alex is in jail now and he’ll probably be there for a while which means we’re not really going to see him much. I’m glad Alex was the one to turn himself into the police, though. I think it still shows that there is some good in him. I’m still really annoyed that they’ve taken his character down this path. He’s such a good human being and now they’ve just destroyed that.


On a happier note, April and Jackson’s baby is absolutely adorable. I’m not keen on the name Harriet, I don’t think it suits her but she is really cute and I’m very happy for them. I think I’m still hoping that they’ll work it out but I can’t really see that happening at the minute. We didn’t see any of the other characters in this episode, it mainly focused on Alex and Meredith so I’m excited to see the others. I think it was a really dramatic way of opening the show for its 13th season and can’t wait for the next episode.


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