American Horror Story: Season 6 Episode 1

What on earth is going on?

The only reason people have been desperate for this show to return is because we knew nothing about it apart from the cast. We had no idea about the theme or the year it would take place in. We knew nothing and still, after the premier, do we no much more? Not really.

What we do know is that they are going to tie all the season’s together. In the premier of season 6, we’re already noticing things that link to the first season, ‘Murder House’. This season, like the first one, also takes place in a haunted house. Also, in season one they mentioned the lost Roanoke Colony was mentioned and that is what this season is focusing on.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 13.39.22.png

I’m still so confused, I don’t really know what’s going on and a lot f other people don’t. Having said that, I really enjoyed the premier episode, called ‘Chapter One’, I thought it was very entertaining and had a creepy atmosphere. It feels like a horror story and that’s what I want out of this show because that is what it’s called. I’m quite excited about the rest of the season because we’re still so surrounded by all this mystery and it’s intriguing. I like being kept in the dark for as long as possible because it makes it all the more exciting. I think the creators seem like they’re trying to do something completely different and I think it needed to happen because the last couple of seasons haven’t been up to scratch in my opinion. None of them have lived up to season one and two for me.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 13.39.43.png

This season is a story told by Lily Rabe and Andre Holland, who are husband and wife. They move into this haunted house to start afresh. What I don’t understand is these actors are telling the story and then it shows them going through it but they’ve used different actors again. We know that they like to gimmick the actors in this show but this is unnecessary. I don’t get why they used different actors for the same role.

I’m disappointed because we’ve only been introduced to 4 characters. All the actors we’ve come to know and love over the course of this show haven’t been seen yet. I really want to see Kathy Bates and Evan Peters. I’m most excited for them. I’m pleased Lily Rabe is back, I really like her. We now just have to see who’s going to show up next week.


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