The Girl in the Photographs

Plot: A group of deadly people target young girls and take photos of them. Whoever they photograph, they kill. They go after a young girl and her friends in a secluded house. Who will survive?

Year: 2015

Director: Nick Simon

Starring: Claudia Lee, Kal Penn, Kenny Wormald, Katherine Isabelle and Luke Baines.


This film has a really good premise but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. It was kind of annoying because there’s a character, played by Kal Penn and he was just horrible. He made me so angry because he was just an awful character. I’ve never come across someone so rude and obnoxious before. I was so happy when he was killed. The other characters were awful as well because they were so underdeveloped. You know nothing about any of them and they’re so difficult to like and relate to. The cast were just made to look like fools in my opinion. It all felt very stale. They just weren’t interesting and because of that, you don’t care if these characters survive or not and because they don’t, you’re not even bothered.


Even though I didn’t like this film, I liked the ending because there’s no closure and I like that in some films and it worked for this one. No one survived. The main character is doomed and the ending showed the next girl that they were going to target.

Rating: 3/10.

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