Good People

Plot: Crippled by debt, a young couple finds a big stash of money in the ceiling of a dead man’s apartment. They decide to keep the money to help their woes. Is it ever a good idea to keep the money you found?

Year: 2014

Director: Henrik Ruben Genz

Starring: James Franco, Kate Hudson, Omar Sy, Tom Wilkinson and Anna Friel.

I just stumbled across this film and decided to watch the trailer and it seemed entertaining enough and when I saw that James Franco and Kate Hudson were in it, I knew I was going to watch it. I’m not a mega fan of Hudson but I live Franco. However, I disliked this film and I prefer seeing Franco in his comedy roles. I thought it was going to be good but I found myself bored in places. Towards the end, it got really good though because there were a lot of action sequences. Unfortunately, it failed to keep me gripped all the way through. I wanted the best for these characters, though. I might not have enjoyed the storyline majorly but I liked these characters and I did route for them. I did feel like the relationship between the two main characters felt a bit forced and that was down to lack of chemistry between them. I wouldn’t recommend this film, I think it was far longer than it needed to be as well.


The best part about the film is that the characters are relatable because how many people in this world have money issues? Quite a lot. What would you do if you found a stash of money? Would you keep it or hand it into the police? It gets you thinking about these sorts of questions. What would you do if you were desperate?

Rating: 4.5/10.


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