Lair of the Beast

I’m not even sure what this film is really about and I apologize in advance for this blog because it’s not going to be like my other ones. This is going to be entirely negative, unfortunately.

I don’t know why these people in this film went where they went but basically, they all die. They’re being killed by something extraterrestrial. It’s shot mostly handheld which is fine but the storyline was just non-existent. The film is rated 18 so it had sex scenes and nudity but the violence wasn’t even bad and I would have much preferred to see blood than nakedness. It’s just a very pointless film. What I will praise them on though is that it is a low budget so you have to appreciate their efforts in making this but it was just very unrealistic and fake.

As a film student and someone that watches a lot of films, when I sit down to watch one I expect certain things. Obviously, my expectations change from whatever genre I’m going to watch because I can’t sit down and watch a psychological thriller and expect to be laughing my way through. From this film I expected to be scared because that’s the impression it gave off on the DVD cover. However, I did not jump once, nor did I feel scared at any point during the film, which makes it a let down for me because I was fooled by the cover. I will not watch this film again and I won’t be recommending it to anyone. This film doesn’t deserve to sit in my collection so I will be giving it to charity.

I’m not going to tell people to not watch this film because you can make up your own minds but I will advise you not to waste your time.


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