Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 8


I’m a bit late in watching this but I really enjoyed it. I’ve never really liked the episodes on The Walking Dead when they focused on just one character but I enjoyed this one and I think that’s because they had the flashbacks and allowed for more character development. If there weren’t any flashbacks and more information delivered I might not have liked it as much.

The episode focuses primarily on Nick. The flashbacks are of him in rehab and he talks about his father who hasn’t been mentioned before. I’ve always wondered where the dad was. The scene in which Nick talks to his friend as if she was his father and he sort of pours his heart out. That was really sad and nice to see. Nick is my favourite character on the show so I’m glad they delved into his character. The flashbacks also showed the time when his mum told him his father had died. That was sad too. It’s nice to know more about their past, we now have a backstory to these characters.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 14.30.30.png

As for the present time. Nick is walking round pretending he’s a walker with blood smeared all over him. He is attacked by two dogs but some walkers turn up and the dogs go after them instead. However, there are too many walkers so the dogs end up being eaten. Nick is struggling to survive with no food or water so when the walkers disappear he eats the dog. It’s so disgusting but you kind of have to relate because what else are you going to do in that position. It’s either eat a dog or die. It was so disgusting but it had to be done. He also drank his own piss which was gross but what can you do.

I still don’t understand why he’s gone off and left his family and he doesn’t seem interested in finding them. I really don’t understand what he wants to do. I did enjoy this episode but I don’t really get the purpose of it. I will watch the next episode and see what happens but I hope he gets back with his family soon.


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