The Purge: Election Year

Plot: Charlie Roan survives the purge 18 years earlier that leaves her entire family dead. She is now running for President in hopes to be elected and abolish the annual purge so that there is no more. However, she has to survive this year’s purge before she is elected, it’s up to her head of security to keep her alive.

Year: 2016

Director: James DeMonaco

Starring: Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Mykelti Williamson.

Absolutely loved it! I’ll never forget to see the first one at the cinema and I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did, it was a nice surprise and then the second one came along and I loved it even more. I do believe the second and the third films are way better than the first one because there’s so much more violence and drama because they’re out on the streets. It’s soo thrilling to see people get slaughtered and they do it in such creative ways.


I think in a way this third installment beat it’s predecessor in terms of the creativeness. Some of the scenes were exceptional. The masks and costumes the purgers wore were amazing and the angles at which they shot these scenes revealing the clothing made it so interesting to watch. It was shot so well. My favorite scene was when the girls got out of the car with these extravagant costumes and masks on and they were covered in blood and the song Party in the USA was playing. I thought that was so much fun to watch. They were crazy.

I loved the character Charlie Roan played by Elizabeth Mitchell. I liked that they dived in with revealing her past from the very first scene. They didn’t keep you in suspense about what had happened to her. I also liked the fact that she didn’t dwell on it. She’s getting on with her life and trying to make a difference. She just got on with everything. She was a great character and Mitchell played her really well. You don’t actually feel sorry for her you just want her to survive. I’m glad they didn’t play the sorry card.

As for Leo, who is Charlie’s head of security and he was also in the second purge film, I love him. I loved him in the second film so I was very excited when I found out he was returning. They didn’t dwell on his past either so that was good. It’s all about what’s happening in the now for these films which I like because the pace is fast and constant all the way through. Leo is just a great character and he’s reliable.


Some of the scenes out on the street were fantastic. There was a woman sat on a bench watching whilst a man burnt to death. There were people chopping heads off in always. They were hanging bodies from trees. I know it’s sickening but I love it. It adds to the feel of the film and makes it so bad but so good to watch. The way the streets feel, with the emptiness, is so thrilling too because it makes it feel scarier. You’re alone and as the audience, you feel that. It helps with the intensity of the film. They just shoot it in such an artistic way, it’s stunning to watch. The soundtrack was so dramatic which helped increase the intensity too.

If I had to pick out of the three films which I liked best I don’t think I could. They managed to up the ante in the third film again but the second one was also great so it’d be between them two. The first one is my least favorite. I’m so pleased with what they’ve accomplished with this Trilogy, they never thought that they’d get this far when doing the first one and that’s what makes it more special. It was such a surprise that the film did as well as it did. After this one, I really want another film but I know that they could ruin the goodness of it by doing too much. The way they left it was a fantastic way to end the trilogy. The audience is left with hope but not complete closure. I would love a fourth film but it’s always best to end things while they’re good. If they did do another I’d quite like them to go back to the first ever purge that commenced. That could make a good film. However, 3 films are good enough.

Rating: 8/10.


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