Plot: A shool teacher discovers she’s pregnant and so does her star pupil. Both expecting at the same time they form a strong friendship.

Year: 2015

Director: Kris Swanberg

Starring: Cobie Smulders, Anders Holm, Gail Bean and Elizabeth McGovern.

This is a very light and enjoyable film. It’s quick as well with a running time of only 1 hour and a half. As far as pregnancy films go, Juno will always be my favourite but I did enjoy this one. I love Anders Holm, he’s such a cute actor, he always comes across as very charming and sweet in his films. I want to see him in more films. As for Cobie Smulders, I’m probably the only person who doesn’t like her. I just find her a bit boring. I wasn’t really a fan of her character in How I Met Your Mother and she doesn’t really have an extremely important role in the Marvel films so I’ve never really taken a huge liking to her. I just don’t think I’ve ever really liked her characters and that’s why I don’t really like her. I thought this role came naturally to her which was good.


In this film, her character was a bit annoying. Arguing with her husband when he didn’t even do anything wrong and not wanting to stay at home with the baby. I kind of felt sorry for him putting up with her but I guess that’s what happens, females and their hormones. The film was very real. The pregnant teenager had to make sacrifices which are what would happen in the real world too so it was showing us what would actually have to happen if you got into this situation. It’s a slow film but really easy going and it shows the differences between a 30-year-old woman having a baby and a 17-year-old teenager having a baby. Neither of which are easy.

Rating: 6/10.


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