The Nice Guys

Plot: Set in the 1970’s, Holland March and Jackson Healy are brought together when a young woman named Amelia goes missing. They investigate her disappearance and soon realise some dangerous people are after her. The investigation takes a dark turn when people involved wind up dead.

Year: 2016

Director: Shane Black

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Angourie Rice, Margaret Qualley and Matt Bomer.

I think this is a type of film that you’re either going to love or hate and for me, I loved it. Ryan Gosling definitely suits these era films when he wears the old fashioned clothes. I just love him. The scream when he crashed the car towards the end of the film made me laugh. The film had a lot of laughs. There was a scene at the end where I was actually laughing out loud. I don’t watch many Russell Crowe films but when I do, I absolutely love them. His relationship with Gosling was brilliant in this film. You can tell they have chemistry. I loved this partnership and when the film ended I wanted more. I loved all the main characters in this. I loved Gosling’s character’s daughter. To say she was only 13 she was very smart and I loved the relationship she had with Gosling. It was just funny because she’s his daughter and he was bringing her along to these gun fights and she actually helped and he was so proud of her. She should have been at home doing homework.


Do you like Pulp Fiction? Then watch The Nice Guys, it has the same feel. They’re both noir films. The balance between the violence and the comedy is captured perfectly. It’s so entertaining from start to finish. Definitely a film for all the crime genre lovers out there. I think everyone should watch it for the beauty of Gosling and Crowe’s relationship. It makes this film. The storyline is great as well. I’m recommending this film to everyone! It’s the perfect summer film.

Rating: 8/10.

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