Plot: Tallaluh takes care of a young toddler while the mother goes out. Coming to the conclusion that the mother is unfit to look after the child, Tallulah takes the child and cares for it herself. With no where to live, she goes to stay with an ex-boyfriend’s mother and lies by saying the child is her son’s.

Year: 2016

Director: Sian Heder

Starring: Ellen Page, Allison Janney, Tammy Blanchard, Zachary Quinto, Evan Jonigkeit and Uzo Aduba.

This film is kind of sweet. Even though the main protagonist steals the child you know she only means well and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. You can’t help but feel sorry for her. She looks after this chld for one night and the mother doesn’t even care, she goes out and gets absolutely smashed, comes home and falls asleep. Tallulah only took the baby to her van to sleep and wanted to return the child in the morning but by that point it was too late because the police were already there searching for the child. In a way she didn’t plan on stealing it. She grew attached to it though and you culd see that as the film progressed.

I also loved the way Tallulah and her ex’s mum’s relationship progressed. They sort of hated each other but by the end of the film you could tell they loved each other. It was really cute. I’m so glad Ellen Page and Allison Janney did this film together. If you know these actresses then you know that they both starred in Juno together and they were fantastic in that. The characters in this film are completely different to the characters in Juno because Ellen Page didn’t want a child in Juno, whereas in this one she can’t let the child go. As for Janney’s character, in Juno she was very confident and witty, whereas in this one she’s more reserved and quieter. You see her slowly coming out of her shell a lot in this film though. I think Tallulah brought out the best in her.

It’s a slow but entertaining film and if you’re just looking for something light, then have a go at this. It might be a bit boring in places but I thoughroughly enjoyed it.

Rating: 6/10.

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