The Fundamentals of Caring

Plot: After a tragedy, Ben decides to become a caregiver and starts looking after a teenage boy with muscular dystrophy. They decide to go on a road trip to see the world’s deepest pit. Whilst on their journey they pick up a hitchhiker and a heavily pregnant woman.

Year: 2016

Director: Rob Burnett

Starring: Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Ehle and Megan Ferguson.

I absolutely loved this film. It was cute in every way and very charming. You feel 100% happy after watching this film. There’s no real beginning, middle and end it’s just a story that’s told at a certain point in these characters lives. It’s a beautiful story. You might find yourself laughing out loud, I know I did a few times. It focused on the happy side where it could have focused on the bad side of this disability and that’s what makes it special and fun to watch. This teenager has this disability but refuses to let it define who he is. He gets on with his life, with quite a lot of persuasion from Ben. There were a couple of moments that I felt myself tearing up but they were happy tears, especially the end. That was one of the best endings ever.


I absolutely love Craig Roberts, who plays the disabled teenager. He’s so witty. I’ve seen a lot of his films and I’m so excited for him, I think he has a very bright future in the acting industry. I’m excited to see what future roles he plays. I’ve always liked Paul Rudd and that hasn’t changed after watching this. Roberts and Rudd have great chemistry and it makes the film and these characters come to life. You have this great American actor and this great British actor and you put them together and they just bounce off each other. It’s the perfect combination.


I thought Selena Gomez was good but I didn’t really like Megan Ferguson but that’s because of the character, not her as an actress. The character was just pointless and wasn’t necessary. Gomez’ character brought Trever (the teenager) out of his comfort zone. He became more confident in knowing her. I just didn’t get the point of Ferguson’s character being there. Anyway, it was an excellent film. One that I can’t wait to watch again. It’s something you should always watch if you need cheering up. If this film doesn’t make you smile then I don’t know what will. I thought it was brilliant and it finished with me wanting more.

Rating: 8/10.


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