Return to Sender

Plot: After agreeing to go on a blind date, Miranda is attacked and raped in her own home. After her attacker is released from prison she devises a plan for revenge.

Year: 2015

Director: Fouad Mikati

Starring: Rosamund Pike, Shiloh Fernandez, Nick Nolte, Rumer Willis and Camryn Manheim.


I don’t really want to say I loved this film because how do you say that about a film about rape. It was very intriguing to watch. The rape scene, like all rape scenes, isn’t nice to watch but once it’s over and the film gets on with the plan for revenge it’s interesting to see what exactly she has in store for him. The film makes out that she’s forgiven him but obviously as an audience you know that she’s got an ulterior motive. How do you ever forgive a rapist? You don’t.


It’s not the best film I’ve ever seen, it’s probably something I’ll forget but it’s worth it to see Rosamund Pike’s performance. I’m a huge fan. She’s a phenomenal actress. She can take on any role and give it her all. Her performance in this film was stunning to watch. She carries the whole film. You can probably guess what she does to her rapist at the end as it’s what anyone would want to do. Remove his penis.

The film is very short but because there’s not a lot of stories it’s simply about a woman getting revenge, the short running time did its justice. I thought the ending was going to be dragged out for ages when she finally got her revenge. I thought maybe he escapes and then she’d have to get him back but no. It was quick and it got straight to the point in all scenes. I’m glad they didn’t drag it out. The ending was very final as well. There’s not a lot of closure but that worked well because if they’d have shown her happy and getting everything that she wanted then that’s just unrealistic. The ending was perfect for the film.

Rating: 4/10 The best part was Pike’s performance, it could have been a lot better.


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