The Other Woman

Plot: Carly falls for Mark, a perfect and handsome man. Or so she thought. She decides to surprise him by visiting his house only to bump into his wife Kate. They pull together to get revenge and also find that there is a third woman he’s been sleeping with.

Year: 2014

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Taylor Kinney and Nicki Minaj.

This is one of those films that I heard a=had a singer in and I was like it’s going to be awful but I wanted to see for myself. Luckily Nicki Minaj wasn’t in it all that much but even the scenes she was in, she wasn’t terrible. Diaz and Mann are amazing comedia actors and together they’re just so cute. Their characters together were adorable. Especially Mann’s character, Kate. Carly (Diaz) felt like a mother figure for Kate. I think Cameron Diaz is my all time favourite comedic actress. There’s not a bad film I’ve seen her in and hopefully there never will be. I do however, think that with comedies the characters are all the same. Like I see similarities with Diaz’s character in Bad Teacher and her character in this. It’s the same with Mann’s character. There’s not a lot of range with comedy characters I don’t feel. They’re all quite similar but if anyone disagrees then feel free to comment.


What I love most about this film is how this horrible situation brings the three girls together. I’m not too keen on Kate Upton and I think the film would have done fine without her. They conjure up a beautful friendship between them. There’s so many hilarious moments in this film, you will definitely laugh out loud. I much prefer comedies that are female led than male led. I find it so much more relatable and sometimes I think that’s probably going to be me when I’m older.

Contains Spoilers:

THE DOG! I just love the dog, it’s huge and called Thunder. There’s a scene where he climbs into the car and his balls smack Cameron DIaz’s character in the mouth and it’s just hilarious. That’s definitely my favourite scene from the film.

I love the ending because they show the audience what happens to each of the characters and they all get a happy ending. Which in a way is annoying because it’s unrealistic, not everyone gets a happy ending but it’s a comedy and in this thats what’s supposed to happen. It gives you a sense of satysfaction. After everything they’ve gone through with him they deserve happiness.

Rating: 7.5/10.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing 4321 🙂


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