Fight Club

Plot: A depressed insomniac meets a man who he then starts living with. The two men form an underground fight club with strict rules. Things begin to get complicated when Marla comes into their lives.

Year: 1999

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Jared Leto and Meat Loaf.


If you don’t know this film then are you even alive? It was such a controversial film when it was released but it’s such a successful film. The acting all round is brilliant. The cast is just a perfect combination. It’s one of those films where you have to fully invest your time in it, it makes you feel uncomfortable it makes you feel. It’s a fantastic experience. I get why people dislike this film, it’s very dark and there is a lot of violence but if that’s the type of stuff you’re into then there’s no reason for you to dislike it. There’re loads of men fighting, who’s not going to like that?

Cinematography is the most beautiful thing in this industry. If you get it right and it matches the style and theme of the film then it’s just stunning and that’s what this film offers. This film just got it right. I loved it on every level. It’s a statement film! It’s a smart film! The film is narrated by the main character who is referred to as Narrator.

The film is narrated by the main character who is referred to as Narrator. I find films that have a narrator can give you a better experience. I feel like it helps the audience relate to the character on a lot more of a personal level because the character is letting them in. This is the type of film everyone should at least try to watch. You might actually surprise yourself and enjoy it.



One of the best twists of all time in my opinion. It was brilliant. The fact that Tyler is a figment of the Narrators imagination and not actually real was actually shocking. It was the best way to finish off the film. There are so many clues that Tyler isn’t real you just have to look closely. This is what makes the film so smart. Fincher kind of rubs it in your face at how obvious it is and then laughs at you if you don’t pick up on it. I recommend that if you don’t know where the clues are then look it up because it makes you feel so stupid. They were so obvious.

Rating: 9/10 it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen, from the visuals to the acting and the story.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing The Notebook 🙂


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