Orphan Black: Season 4

There is so much to talk about I’m not really sure where to start. I have to be honest though this season hasn’t been as exciting as the last and I think that’s because we had the male clones and they were evil and they brought something new to the show. The previous season had so much danger I think that’s hard to top. That’s not to say this season didn’t have it’s danger too.

During this season, the clones search for a cure so they’re no longer going to die. This causes a lot of obstacles. We have the death of Mrs. S’ mother who was also the source of both the male and female clones. They originate from her. Then there was missing Delphine throughout the whole season which in the season finale we get to see again and she’s finally reunited with Cosima.


Speaking of Cosima, she’s not in a good way. After trying to escape with Charlotte she is found and taken in by a strange man who leads her to Delphine. Cosima tells Delphine that she’s dying because she took half the replicating cells but Rachel has the other half. This means the sisters will have to try and get the other cells from Rachel which is going to be hard considering Rachel tried to murder Sarah. I feel like Rachel is the ultimate villain in this show especially after that finale. As much as I love Cosima and she’s an original, I wish the show would just have the guts to kill her off. It would create so much drama and motivate all the other clones to go on a revenge path which would be interesting to watch. I just feel like every season finale that’s been everyone has speculated whether she’ll die or not, it’s been a long time coming, I think they should pull the trigger.

I’m glad they still kept Ari Millen in the cast even if he’s just playing one clone now. I think he’s an excellent actor and he should have been given more credit this season. In a way I’m kind of glad there’s only one of him because this show has always and should always be about the female clones.


Donny was arrested this season but he and Alison got their happy ending when he was finally released after almost being killed. These two will always be my favorite couple on the show. I’m quite disappointed because they weren’t in the finale and I missed them. However, there was enough going on and I feel if they included everyone it would have just been too crazy. They didn’t even have Helena in the finale. I don’t feel she’s been in it much this season either but I think we’ll see a lot more of her in the next season as she’ll probably give birth.

Also this season, we’re introduced to Felix’s biological sister which causes tension between him and Sarah. Sarah went really dark this season and ended up standing on a bridge ready to end it all. I’m glad they did that because she’s always been this strong independent character and I think we forget that she is in fact still human and is breakable. It was nice to see the vulnerable side of her. We also delve into Beth’s past before she killed herself having a whole episode dedicated to her which I thought was about time. It was nice to change things up with the show and have a completely different episode. We also see more of Art and within Beth’s episode, we see how close them two actually got.


Then there’s Crystal. She’s so irritating yet so likeable and I feel she’s the most different from the other clones as she’s the girliest of them all. I feel like the clone club needs her just to lighten the mood sometimes. To say she comes across as not very intelligent she is very smart. The rest of the team need to give her more credit. I’m really looking forward to seeing where her story goes in the next season and how much she’ll play a part in the story.

I thought that in the finale Mika would have a part seen as she’s been slowly coming into it this season but she was nowhere to be seen. I don’t think this was the best finale, to be honest. We’ve had better with much more shocking cliffhangers. Yes, Sarah and Cosima are both in a bad way but Sarah isn’t going to die as she’s the main protagonist. If they do kill her it won’t be until the series finale. The season finale ended with Mrs. S and Kira being held hostage and Rachel are about to meet the founder of Revolution which I’m so looking forward to seeing.


It was a very dark and dramatic finale and I can’t wait to see where it picks off. The show has been renewed for a fifth season to air in 2017 but it will be its final season which I’m so gutted about but also kind of pleased. There are way too many shows that drag stuff out way past it’s sell by date. I mean look at Supernatural, they just repeat everything now. I think ending this show in it’s the fifth season is a good way to goo but I will miss it very much.


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