Plot: Ben is a student in debt struggling to pay his tuition fees. In need of some quick cash and the genius he is he decides to earn his money by counting cards. Working with a small group of students and one of the professors they go big in Las Vegas. How long will it be until his luck runs out?

Year: 2008

Director: Robert Luketic

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishburne and Liza Lapira.

I was so surprised when I first watched this film because I stumbled on it by accident and I thought it would just be an okay watch but I watched it and loved it. I watched it a second time almost instantly. I found it kind of sad because he’s just a struggling student, he doesn’t mean to cause harm and break the law he just needs money and people go to extreme lengths when they’re desperate.


It kind of surprises me how long this film is as its two hours but it isn’t popular. It’s not really a film a lot of people have heard of but it’s very enjoyable. I love Kate Bosworth as a leading lady. The film gets quite dark as the equilibrium is disrupted, there’s a lot of drama. It’s also got a lot of exciting moments as they’re counting cards and trying not to be caught by the police.

I really do think this film deserves more credit, it’s had a lot of critiques and I agree with some of it but if you don’t analyse it its a very good film.

Rating: 6/10 The acting is what makes this film great.

Tomorrow I will do a review on Eddie the Eagle 🙂

If anyone has any requests please drop them in the comments section.


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