How to Be Single

Plot: Alice has spent most of her life in a relationship and wants to take a break from her long-term boyfriend and be single for a while. She gets a new job and meets new friends who show her the single life.

Year: 2016

Director: Christian Ditter

Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Alison Brie, Nicholas Braun, Anders Holm and Jake Lacy.


I loved this film way more than I expected to. I just found it very realistic and enjoyable to watch. Films like this can generally be dumb because of the unreality of it and that’s what usually puts me off films like this but I’m glad I watched it because it was the complete opposite. Leslie Mann’s and Jake Lacy’s characters were by far my favourite even if they weren’t in it that much but they were just so cute. I think all the acting was great in this film, it has a really good cast.

HTBS Video 1

I’m pleased with how they did it because you keep expecting the main character to get a happy ending with a guy but then you remember the title and you know it’s just not going to happen and that’s what I liked about this film. It wasn’t a sad ending and it wasn’t a happy ending. It was just an ending and it was very satisfying for the title of the film and the character.


If you’re fed up of films where the guy and the girl always end up together then watch this because it gives the most realistic twist on romance.

Rating: I would give this film 7/10 for overall performances and plot.

Check back tomorrow for my review of Walk of Shame 🙂


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