Bad Neighbours 2

Mac (Seth Rogen) and pregnant Kelly (Rose Byrne) are living relatively peaceful lives, that is, until Kappa Nu move in next door and take over the reigns from Teddy (Zac Effron). Instead of guys, these new residents are girls and girls are worse. When he has nowhere to live Teddy decides to join Kappa Nu to annoy Mac and Kelly once again. However, the girls kick him out so he decides to join Mac and Kelly in this new war. Also starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Selena Gomez, and Dave Franco.landscape-1460099339-zac-efron-seth-rogen-bad-neighbors-2

This one didn’t live up to its predecessor. Unfortunately, it fell flat. It wasn’t written well, there were a good few laughs but there were so many mistakes that make it so unrealistic. Films like this aren’t supposed to be taken seriously and are bound to not be incredibly realistic but the mistakes that were made were just laughable. It made it a joke and not in a good way. I really hope they don’t do the third film. They shouldn’t have done this one. The film didn’t do anywhere near as good as the first one so a third film is extremely unlikely.

Check back tomorrow for my review on How to Be Single 🙂


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