What If

Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) has recently dropped out of medical school. He is unlucky in love and meets a girl (Zoe Kazan) who already has a boyfriend. He tries to hide is affection for her by starting up a friendship. Although she’s already in a relationship there’s no denying that these two have chemistry. Also starring Adam Driver, Megan Park, and Mackenzie Davis.

zoe-kazan-daniel-radcliffe-what-if.jpgThis is not a film I would watch again. Some romcoms are real could but then some can be terrible. A bit like this. It just fell flat for me. There wasn’t much to it, not much story or plot. It is a really light film so if you’re looking for something really easy going then I would recommend this. However, for me, I’m not a huge fan of romcom’s I don’t watch them all that often but when I’m in the mood I really enjoy them. Unfortunately, I just didn’t enjoy this. I felt like the characters were a bit boring too, there wasn’t really much development I don’t think.


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