Ted 2

Ted (Seth MacFarlane) and the love of his life decide they want a baby. After undergoing treatment they’re left with only one option, adoption. However, Ted isn’t a person and therefore the state won’t allow his to adopt. They take this to court with the help of a young female lawyer (Amanda Seyfried). Also starring Mark Wahlberg, Morgan Freeman and Jessica Barth, with a brilliant cameo from Liam Neeson.amanda-seyfried1-1940x1023.jpg


So this film wasn’t the best. I preferred the first one. This one was just a little bit boring. I mean there were some hilarious scenes. I think my favourite would be when all the rejected sperm cells fall and smash all over John and some of it even goes in his mouth and then Ted happily takes a picture of him. That was brilliant but other than that there wasn’t really anything special about it. I do prefer Amanda Seyfried to Mila Kunis though.


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