Grey’s Anatomy: Season 12 Episode 21


I felt really bad for Arizona in this episode. Not only does she have the court case to worry about but she had April to deal with when she found an abnormality in the ultrasound scan which turned out to be nothing in the end thankfully. I prefer Arizona to Callie and I hope she gets custody because even though Callie gave birth to Sophia, Arizona has been there through it all and adopted her. She’s just as much her mum as Callie is.

I’m gutted that Arizona has decided to step down from April’s case, I wanted her to stay on it. I think she should ask Richard to be on her side in the court case. He seems like he wants to do it and they have a close relationship. I’m really excited to see who wins this court case, I’m really hoping it’s Arizona if it’s not I will be really annoyed because I’d just feel like Callie got her because she gave birth to her and that’s just unfair.

Edwards really annoyed me this episode. She just doesn’t listen and I find the character so unlikeable. I don’t think I’ve ever liked her and this episode reminded me of how annoying she can be. I’m happy that Amelia has decided to stop dancing around the Owen situation and they’ve finally decided to go for it. I like these two as a couple so I hope it works out for them.


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