Arrow: Season 4 Episode 19


Arrow finally returned this week after taking a short hiatus. I can’t believe they introduced a new Canary already. Laurel wasn’t even buried yet and they brought her in. At the end of the episode, the new Canary showed up at the funeral so I’m thinking we’re going to see her again and instead of her being a murderer she’ll carry on Laurel’s legacy and learn to be good.

I liked the fact that they went back in time with this episode and they went through Laurel’s past moments and we even went to Tommy’s funeral. I’ve never liked Laurel so this death hasn’t hit me hard but the funeral speech at the end was utterly heartbreaking. Seeing everyone so sad, the acting was really good in that scene. It tugged at the heartstrings but I didn’t cry. I could have done, Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 22.47.45.pngthough. I hope she stays dead. There’s too much of people dying and then coming back to life, it’s annoying.


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