Orphan Black: Season 4 Episode 1


So this episode took us right back to the start. Instead of Sarah being the main protagonist it was Beth. The clone that killed herself in the pilot episode. I loved going back to the start and seeing what Beth went through. I can’t believe she slept with Art. That was quite a shock I thought. We’re also introduced to a new clone called MK who I thought to be really interesting. I’m excited to learn more about her. She already has her own unique style and character. Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 13.01.40

I did miss seeing the other clones this episode as we didn’t really see Alison or Cosima much. We also didn’t see Sarah until the end and we never saw Felix. It was a nice change, though. Last season was so dark so I’m really excited to see where this season takes us.


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