Grey’s Anatomy: Season 12 Episodes 18 & 19


In this 2 hour event, Dr. Ben Warren makes the biggest mistake of his career which ends with him being suspended for 6 months. As Dr. Bailey is the chief and also his wife it causes them both personal problems. I feel like this is the start of their downward spiral which could end in divorce. I don’t know when we’re going to see Ben again as he’s been suspended but these two are going to be fighting for a while.

As for Jackson and April, I’m pleased with where they’re headed. They spent a while arguing in this episode, however, at the end they finally got along and their baby is kicking which is a good sign. I really hope they get back together. I can’t believe we’re coming to the end of the 12th season already, it’s going by so fast. We have 5 episodes left and I’m really excited to see what drama occurs. It’s been renewed for a thirteenth season as well. Although the ratings are at 7 million now and considering this series started off with the ratings being well into the 20’s I can’t see it going on for much more seasons.


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