Grey’s Anatomy: Season 12 Episode 17


We finally learnt what really happened when Owen’s sister got on the chopper which crashed and killed her. Riggs had cheated on her and she wanted to get away from him. This doesn’t surprise me but I think Owen needs to get help for his anger. He’s always been a really angry person but sometimes he just needs to calm down, he’s a little scary sometimes.

I feel really sorry for Jackson, he’s always trying to do the right thing but his mum comes along and ruins it for him. April now feels extremely guilty for getting a restraining order against him after she finds out he isn’t going to sue for custody. Hopefully, they can talk it out, I’m still kind of hoping for a happy ending for them. I like how they put April in the same situation as Arizona this week by bringing in a pregnant patient and her not wanting to tell her mum so April does it for her just like Arizona did for her and Jackson.


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