Arrow: Season 4 Episode 18


This episode finally revealed who will be in the coffin and I have to say the amount of build up there has been throughout the season I’m a bit let down by it. I’m not a fan of Laurel, I’ve never really liked her so I’m not bothered that she’s dead and honestly is she going to stay dead? People are always coming back to live on this show. I’m not sure I fully believe she’s dead anyway because when she was talking with Oliver the camera panned away so we don’t know what she said to him and she was completely fine. Then all of a sudden she’s dead. I feel like something went on in that room that we don’t know about.

the last few episodes of the season should be interesting. Everyone is going to be really riled up and looking for revenge so I think it’s all going to kick off. It’s going to make for some exciting action sequences.


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