Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) is a heroin addict who goes through several attempts at sobering up. He hangs around with some idiotic friends and also has an underage girlfriend. Also starring Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, Irvine Welsh, Ewen Bremmer, Kelly Macdonald and Kevin McKidd.trainspotting-1_758_426_81_s_c1

I really don’t know why I haven’t seen this film earlier because it’s one of those films that everyone has seen. it’s so popular and even though it’s now old you still hear it everywhere. It’s definitely a film every film student should watch so I have to kick myself for avoiding it for so long. ewen-bremner-in-trainspotting-ewen-bremner-5451577-1024-552

I loved Ewen McGregor in this he looked so different. I haven’t seen him in a role like this before but I really liked him like this. It was funny seeing him with a shaved head. He was definitely entertaining. I have to say there wasn’t as many trains as I though there would be but that’s okay because it was highly entertaining and gave me a few laughs. I absolutely love Spud, partly because my nickname is Spud but he just made me laugh. Apart from when he splattered S**t everywhere because at that point in the film I was eating my tea. It’s safe to say I was put off my food. 


One thought on “Trainspotting

  1. liamprice1011 says:

    They’re filming the sequel now!

    The book is like an alternative bible. It’s full of stories that will make you laugh, cry and everything else in between.
    Of all the books in the whole world, I’d recommend this one above everything.

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