Arrow: Season 4 Episode 16


I’m absolutely gutted. There have been images of Oliver and Felicity getting married on the internet now for weeks and the episode in which their wedding would take place aired last night and they didn’t get hitched. After the previous episode, I was confused as to why they would get married because obviously we saw her walk out on him but I was hoping they’d make up which did not happen. As soon as the episode started I had a feeling that they’d just be undercover when wearing wedding gear which is exactly what happened. Even though they weren’t getting married for real I was hoping that they’d make up by the end of the episode but they didn’t. In a way, I’m glad she hasn’t forgiven him because he really doesn’t understand that he needs to stop lying to her. However, what is it with shows and dragging romances out. It’s annoying.Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 16.57.29.png

As for the other elements of this episode, Damien Darhk is in prison but that is not going to last long at all. I really despise him, whereas with the other villains that have been on the show even though I’ve hated them I’ve liked them. Damien Darhk just really makes me feel angry. I can’t wait until his demise, hopefully, he will be slaughtered!


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