Grey’s Anatomy: Season 12 Episode 14


This weeks episode was really cute. We haven’t had an Arizona or Karev case in a while so it was nice to take a visit to the paeds department. The baby that they deliver is so tiny. I feel like this case is going to continue on to next week or a future episode as the baby is so small and the mum is still pregnant with three other babies.  maxresdefault-1

Jo finally stood up to Meredith about the way she treats her. I’m glad she’s finally done it because it annoys me so much and Meredith actually apologised which I didn’t see coming. I sometimes feel like Meredith has no emotion whatsoever which sometimes makes me dislike her.  greys-anatomy-season-12-spoilers

Arizona spent the episode trying to persuade April to get a test to see if the baby has what her first baby had but she refuses. She also refuses to tell Jackson so at the end of the episode she goes to tell him but Arizona beats her to it. I’m interested in how this affects April and Jackson’s relationship. I don’t think they will get back together straight away but I have a feeling they might get together quite a way down the road. nouvel-episode-ce-soir5-730x347

Also, at the end of the episode Meredith is asked out by the doctor she met on last weeks episode and I really hope she says yes. He’s way better looking than Derek, I really like him and I hope he sticks around for quite a while. greys-anatomy.png


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