The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Clary Fray’s (Lily Collins) life is turned into turmoil when she realises her life isn’t what she thought it was. After realising she is from a different world she must embrace it in order to survive the demons that are after her. Also starring Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Jemima West, Lena Headey and Aidan Turner. Based on the best-selling book series of the same name by Cassandra Clarelily_collins_the_mortal_instruments_city_of_bones.jpg

I’ve read all the books and they are amazing. I absolutely loved them. When the film came out I went to the cinema to watch it and I loved it that much I went and paid to see it again. I thought the cast were perfect for each of the roles. I didn’t dislike any of them. I especially loved Isabelle. She was my favourite in the books and the film. I honestly thought they were going to make all 6 books into films but they made the first one and decided not to do the rest. I’m gutted they’re not doing the rest, however, they did make it into a TV show with a different cast and it’s terrible. The acting is horrible it makes me cringe watching it so I’m not sticking with the show.


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