Grey’s Anatomy: Season 12 Episode 11


I loved and hated this episode. This episode focused on the breakdown of April and Jackson’s marriage and it was shown in non-linear order jumping all over their timeline. You need to make sure you actually watch this episode because if you look away for a minute you will probably be confused as it will have jumped to another point in time. They even went all the way back to before they were both married. I really liked that they did it this way, it was nice to see older scenes again and they even showed us more. Like when they got married we didn’t actually see it, well you get to see it in this episode.greys-anatomy-season-12-spoilers_0

I really thought in this episode that they’ll be able to sort everything out and get back on track but that didn’t happen, unfortunately. At the end of the episode, they sign the divorce papers and it was horrible. When these two first got together I really liked them and somewhere along the line I went off them but when they lost the baby I started to like them again. I really didn’t want them to split up. greys-anatomy-season-12-spoilers

There’s a massive bombshell at the end of the episode and I have to say I saw it coming. I don’t know why I was just expecting it to happen and I’m glad it happened because I feel like it means there’s still hope for them. It’s revealed at the end that April is pregnant.


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