Arrow: Season 4 Episode 15


We get a guest appearance from Vixen this episode after Oliver’s son William is kidnapped by what is late to be revealed as Malcolm Merlyn. In this episode, William’s mum finds out who Oliver is and works with him to try and get their son back. We all know that Oliver has kept his son a secret so Felicity and the team find out and naturally Felicity is annoyed because Oliver has lied to her yet again. Samantha tries to persuade Felicity to blame her rather than Ollie as it was her idea to keep their son a secret, not his. However at the end of the episode, Felicity miraculously walks and walks out of the door leaving Ollie on his own. I’m not going to lie I thought it was a bit of a strange scene. She just gets full feeling back in her legs and gets up and walks out, I thought it was a bit strange to watch but I’m glad she’s walking again. I don’t know where this will leave their relationship now. Hopefully, they will get back on track and now that she’s walking again hopefully they will finally get married. ar415b-0136b-170783.jpg

Anyway, back to Vixen, Vixen is a female character who can summon animal powers by a pendant she wears. She suggests that Damien Darhk has some sort of pendant which allows him to be powerful which turns out to be true. We’re getting closer and closer to the end of this season, I’m still dying to know who’s in the coffin.


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