Cuckoo is a British sitcom which follows the lives of a modern-day family who take under their wing a man named Cuckoo who is a hippy. After season one Cuckoo dies and his son turns up so the show focuses on the family and Cuckoo’s son. Starring Andy Samberg (Season one), Greg Davies, Helen Baxendale, Tyger Drew-Honey and Taylor Lautner (Season two+). p00z01kc.jpg

I liked season 1 but I loved season 2. I think it is a lot better having Taylor Lautner than Andy Samberg. As much as I love Samberg I just think Lautner makes it funnier. I love the dynamic this family have in this TV show it’s hilarious to watch. I don’t watch many sitcoms so this must be good if I watch it. Season 3 has just started up again and I’m already loving it, I’m glad all the cast returned for it this time. I’m excited to see the rest of this season.


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