Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is tortured, disfigured and changed into Deadpool by a villainous scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein). Now he can heal himself if anything happens to him so he sets out on a mission to track down the scientist so that he can transform back to his old self. Also starring Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, T.J. Miller and Stan Leedeadpool-colossus.jpg

The film opens with a rather impressive title sequence. I honestly loved it. It was a fantastic way to open the film and if it was in 3D it would have looked even better. I loved the fact they didn’t use the actors names they just used phrases like a Very British Villain and A Moody Teenager. I thought it was great and it definitely fit in with the whole concept of the film as it is a comedy. deadpool_93367.jpg

It was always a worry to some people that they were doing this film because they didn’t want them to mess it up again but they definitely did it right this time. I loved how the character took the piss out of X-Men and himself. Some of the lines he came out with were brilliant. The film definitely worked really well. They did it right!PHMOcPPBSzhCQU_1_l

This film honestly made me laugh out loud. I loved them breaking the fourth wall with it. I went to see this film the day it came out and the cinema wasn’t as full as I thought it might have been. I really hope it does well. It deserves to do well.


3 thoughts on “Deadpool

  1. disperser says:

    Enjoyable film except that in a few places it seemed to strain as it labored to be as crude as possible. It works with most scenes, but not all; crude smart is fine, crude just for crudeness sake didn’t work for me (but, again, I’m probably not the norm for the audience).


      • disperser says:

        Novel things always get attention; if they try the same thing again, it’s not likely to work as well. Again, I think they thought being crude was the big attraction and that worries me because they are likely to amp it up in the sequel. I hope they stick to smart humor first and crude second, but history does not bode well when it comes to these things.

        I enjoyed the breaking of the fourth wall and the snark. Sort of like Spiderman if he were talking to the audience.

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