American Crime Story: The People V O.J. Simpson

American Crime story is a show by the creators of American Horror Story so naturally I had to give it a go. This first season follows the story of O.J. Simpson and his trial after his ex-wife was murdered. I think it’s exciting that they chose this story. The first episode started off really promising but as it got nearer to the end I got a bit bored. I’m going to stick with it for a few episodes and see if it gets better. american_crime_story_revelada_a_s_rie_derivada_de_american_horror_story_ryan_murphy_fox_sobre_pop_2014_capa

There are so many great actors and actresses in this show I feel spoilt. I’m pleased that Sarah Paulson is in it who is also in AHS. I love her but I just hope that because she plays a big part in this she’ll still play a big part in AHS as well. I think the series will get better as it gets more into it, though. The story has always been intriguing to me so I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out.


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