Arrow: Season 4 Episode 12


I’m so happy after this episode because Roy returned and I loved him and I do miss him quite a lot. I prefer him rather than Thea. I thought it was really sad when Thea told him to go and get married and have kids. I wish he didn’t have to leave again. It was nice to have a little reunion for Roy and Oliver and the rest of the team. Nyssa also returns in this episode and has a battle with Katana. There were quite a few fight scenes this week. I’m so glad Roy got to have a happy ending, though, I think his character was developed so much and so well throughout the seasons. You look back at him in his very first episode and he’s changed so much for the better. 1920.jpg

No matter what the problem is Oliver always manages to blame himself and in this episode we see him blaming himself yet again as Thea’s bloodlust has returned. When Damien Darhk tried to kill her it went away for a bit but now it’s back and she doesn’t want to kill anyone. This means she will die if she doesn’t give into it. Oliver wants to make a deal with Damien Darhk in order to save Thea but that’s never a good idea so I hope he doesn’t do it. Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 17.50.27.png

Felicity had to deal with her struggling company and unfortunately when she delivered a disastrous practice presentation she was told not to deliver the actual presentation because she’s in a wheelchair but Felicity being Felicity eventually stood up for herself.


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