The Boy Next Door

When a young teenager, Noah (Ryan Guzman), moves in next door he fixates himself on the newly single Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez). Claire entertains herself by some harmless flirting, however, this soon escalates and when she tries to end the relationship he turns violent. Also starring Kristin Chenoweth, Ian Nelson and John Corbettmaxresdefault.jpg

I was really hoping to like this film but I struggled to get into it. It was just really slow. I never turn films off half way through, even if they aren’t very good I always want to see how they end but this was just no appealing to me. I felt bored watching it and, unfortunately, I turned it off after 40 minutes. I think I gave it a chance staying with it for 40 minutes. It probably would have got better but it was just taking too long for me. One day I will probably watch it again until the end and then I’ll end up regret not finishing it the first time round because that would just be typical.


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