Arrow: Season 4 Episode 11


We actually get to see Diggle and John work together for a change which was really nice. It made me kind of sad for all the things Andy has done. I thought the flashbacks this week that were about Diggle’s past for a change rather than Oliver’s was a nice touch. We got to see his relationship in the past with his brother.Arrow-Season-4-ARGUS-Blues.jpg

What made this episode so special was because it was all about Felicity coming to terms with her new condition and actually facing work again. I’m glad she’s back and that it didn’t take her too long to get back to herself again. However, she’s hallucinating her old self throughout this episode which was pretty amusing.arrow

I have said in the past that I think Felicity will become Oracle now she’s in a wheelchair however she got her new nickname this episode and it wasn’t that. Oliver has decided to give her the nickname Overwatch. Which is pretty cool I guess. It was a really good episode, I think the way they’re dealing with Felicity’s ordeal is the right way.


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