Arrow: Season 4 Episode 10


After everything that’s been floating around on Tumblr I knew that Felicity was going to survive but be paralysed so it wasn’t a shock to me. I don’t want her to never be able to walk again, I think it’s going to be really devastating for her. She’s not going to go back to working with the team straight away, I think it’s going to take a while for her to want to go back. I’m also worried that her relationship with Oliver will struggle at this difficult time and then there’s also the fact that he has a son and has kept it from her. That’s going to affect them big time when she finds out he’s lied again.Arrow-S4E10-4

We still didn’t find out who was in the grave. I have no idea who it could be, it could be anyone other than the obvious ones. We know it’s not Oliver, Felicity or Barry but it must be someone important as they’re all agreeing with the fact the Oliver has to kill someone to get revenge. I’m assuming that someone is Damien Darhk. It’s really serious because even Barry and Felicity want him to do it and they never think he should kill anyone. I’m just hoping that it’s one of the main characters we see a lot because if it’s just someone who we only see every once in a while then I would be extremely annoyed. The way they have been building it up it needs to be shocking. I’ve got a feeling the person in the grave could be Diggle but I could be wrong. I guess we’ll just have to see. I’m so happy it’s back!


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